Life lessons from Denver Broncos players just days away from the biggest game of their careers

Jersey City, NJ - Sacrifice for success and believe it can be achieved. That was the message from several Broncos players who took time Thursday to reflect on the season and careers that brought them to the brink of Super Bowl XLVIII.

"You've got to believe you're good enough," said 25-year-old Broncos safety Omar Bolden, who said his keys to success included "belief" and "cockiness."

Bolden also admitted, however, that in some venues the cockiness needs to be toned down. It needs to be used at the right time, like a tool.

"When you put your helmet on it's like putting our cape on," he said about the transformation that occurs before a game.

Asked the same questions, Denver running back Knowshon Moreno replied that the key to success was, "being part of a team where everyone plays for each other."

"I want guys to play for their families," quarterback Peyton Manning said during his press conference earlier Thursday, "but if someone wants to play for you, that's powerful."

Moreno, like Broncos cornerback Quentin Jammer, said he had to believe in the totality of the team to achieve victory.

"Individually, I don't think anybody did anything special," Jammer said, before using the word "resilient" to describe the way his team faced challenges throughout the season.

Those challenges included off-the-field legal entanglements and a heart surgery that took their head coach off the sidelines for several weeks. On-the-field injuries also changed the flavor of their work throughout the season.

"Every year is different, every team is different," said head coach John Fox.

They may be different than the team that played for Denver last year, but this year they all seemed to be on the same page Thursday. The concepts of sacrifice and commitment came up several times as they looked back on the paths that brought them to this point.

"It's a pretty good commitment whenever you put in the hours," said Andre Caldwell.

"It's not a job where you can clock out," defensive lineman Malik Jackson said.

"You have to compete all the time and try to win at everything," said linebacker Shaun Phillips.

Offensive tackle Vinston Painter, one of just six rookies on the Broncos active roster, said his discipline and hard work were encouraged by those around him.

"The main thing I've seen is everyone pushing each other," he said, later clarifying that his particular focus was on specific techniques like footwork.

Broncos center Steve Vallos also said he and his teammates were always working to improve and "didn't freak out if something wasn't exactly right."

For each player, their belief and sacrifice will culminate on Sunday evening in MetLife Stadium. When they face off against the Seahawks, they'll need every lesson to fall into place.

So, are they nervous? No, they have too much belief.

"I don't get nervous, I get excited because I want to hit somebody," Jackson said.

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