Jack Del Rio says John Fox is doing well after heart surgery and asking about the team

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - Denver Broncos interim head coach Jack Del Rio tells 7NEWS that coach John Fox is asking about the team as he recovers from heart surgery.

Del Rio made the comment during an interview with 7NEWS Sports Director Lionel Bienvenu on Thursday. He said Fox was recovering well after having an aortic valve replaced in a Charlotte, N.C. hospital.

"His body has been put through quite a bit but he’s in great spirits and he’s healing," Del Rio said.

It was a surgery Fox had hoped to delay until after the Super Bowl, but the timetable was accelerated after Fox began feeling dizzy while playing golf near his offseason home in Charlotte on Saturday.

Fox went into the operating room early Monday and was in the recovery room by the time Del Rio was running the Broncos' first practice after the bye week.

Del Rio said, "We talked for a good bit and he obviously was wanting to talk about the team and how everybody’s doing. I assured him everybody’s doing great and that we’re going to work to make him proud."

According to NFL.com, Fox also spoke with other members of the Broncos staff about topics including the team's injury reports and the status of Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak, who suffered a mini-stroke on Sunday.

Like Fox, Del Rio's roots are on the defensive side of the ball. Del Rio served as defensive coordinator under Fox in Carolina in 2002 and rejoined Fox after a stint as head coach in Jacksonville.

Del Rio told Bienvenu that he was in New Orleans with his family when he got the news about Fox needing surgery.

With those New Orleans roots, Del Rio is also close to quarterback Peyton Manning. The Del Rios and Mannings were neighbors in that city's Garden District.

During the interview with Bienvenu, Del Rio and receiver Wes Welker became the first to sign a 4-foot-tall get-well card created by the John Fox Show. Del Rio will be temporarily substituting for Fox's weekly appearance on the show, which airs Fridays at 6:30 p.m. on 7NEWS.

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