Hall of Fame Quarterback John Elway puts it on the line again in latest comeback

Broncos hold a 6-3 record this season

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. - John Elway, the king of the comeback is directing his latest escape act from the executive offices.


Elway is turning the Denver Broncos into winners again. As recently as two years ago, they were dissolving into irrelevance.
The centerpiece of the turnaround, of course, was the signing of Peyton Manning.
A decision that seemed, to some, like a risk when Elway made it is looking better with each game. And while Elway refuses to look too far ahead, he does concede that, yes, things are going well. He tells The Associated Press he knew he was putting his reputation on the line when he signed the 36-year-old quarterback with a surgically repaired neck.
Elway said: "There's always risk to it, but we liked our chances."
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