Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Boston Mayor Martin Walsh agree on Broncos v Patriots game wager

Loser must wear other team's jersey at conference

DENVER - Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Boston's new Mayor Martin Walsh have agreed to a wager on Sunday's AFC Championship game between the Broncos and Patriots.

The two agreed to terms during a phone call Thursday afternoon.

"Congratulations on your election and welcome to the group of mayors from around this country," Hancock said at the start of the call. "In the unlikely event that you beat Denver, what are you offering?"

Walsh's wager included a library donation of books from dozens of Boston authors and Turtles from Boston's Phillips Chocolates. He also bet that the loser would have to wear a jersey from the other mayor's team at a conference next week.

"I'm going to bring you a nice jersey to wear next week during the session of the United States Conference of Mayors. I think you can imagine what number it's going to be," Walsh said.

Hancock's wager included a sampling of green chili, like he bet last week against San Diego. He also threw in a hoodie, ball cap and handmade skis from Denver's Icelantic Skis.

"Of course, we can also bring you a nice jersey," Hancock said about the upcoming mayors' conference. "You can probably imagine the number as well."

"I'm the new mayor here in Boston, so I don't want to talk too much trash because it'll be on the front page of the paper," Walsh joked after Hancock's jab.

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