Denver Broncos v. Tennesse Titans game blog recaps the action, Broncos win 51-28

DENVER - The Denver Broncos beat the Tennessee Titans 51-28 in a game that saw several 4th down conversions and a record-setting field goal. Here is our game day blog recapping the action.

-- First quarter:

The Titans started the game with the ball and moved down the field quickly.

Helped by a 57-yard play by rookie Justin Hunter, the Titans went 73 yards in five plays, going up 7-0 on the Broncos.

But Denver Broncos head coach John Fox is back and making the tough decisions. He went for it on 4th-and-one on the 11 yard line. The team got the first down.

After three tries, the Broncos were back at 4th down again, went for it again and it paid off with a touchdown pass to Wes Welker.

Game tied 7-7.

Broncos are now the first team in history to have four players with at least 10 touchdowns -- Moreno, Thomas, Thomas and Welker.)

The Broncos kicked off and the Titans ran it back --  to the 3-yard-line. One play later, the Titans scored a touchdown.

Titans up 14-7.

The Titans scored two touchdowns in six plays, according to 7SPORTS anchor Arran Andersen.

On the next series, the Broncos found themselves facing 4th down again, this time at mid-field. While they decided what to do, Orlando Franklin had to be helped off the field. The Broncos tweeted that he is being evaluated for a possible concussion. His return is questionable, the team tweeted.

After a commercial break, the Broncos decided to punt.

The Titans started on the 8-yard line and didn't get far. After several plays and a penalty, the Titans got backed up to one yard line and had to punt.

Wes Welker caught the punt at mid-field, but a penalty backed up the Broncos to the 42.

After several plays, Eric Decker caught a pass and slid into the end zone for a touchdown. However, after a review, the refs decided Decker was down by contact at the two yard line. Two plays later, Welker caught a ball on the goal line. Refs call it a touchdown, but on review, the touchdown was erased again. Third down.

The Titans held the Broncos on third down and the Broncos kicked a field goal. Titans lead 14-10 as the clock runs out on the first quarter.

-- Second quarter

The Titans started the second quarter by going three-and-out.

The Broncos got the ball back and they got Orlando Franklin back as right tackle. But the series didn't get far enough and the Broncos had to punt.

The Titans were working their way down the field when they ran into a roadblock on the 49 yard line. On 4th down with one yard to go, the Titans took a page from the Broncos first quarter playbook and went for it, getting a first down. On the next play, they scored a touchdown. Titans now up 21-10.

On the kickoff return, the Broncos wide receiver Andre Caldwell ran over Nate Irving. Irving got a knee in the head, but he managed to walk off the field, with assistance. The Broncos said Irving is being evaluated for a possible concussion and his return is questionable.

Broncos worked their way down the field. At the two minute warning, the Titans were called for holding, giving the Broncos a first down in the red zone. After the commercial break, Peyton Manning threw to Julius Thomas in the end zone -- touchdown. 21-17.

With that touchdown, Thomas set the Broncos record for most touchdowns in a single season -- 11. The old record holder? CBS football analyst Shannon Sharpe. When Sharpe was asked how he felt about being passed, he tweeted, "Gr8. Nice and warm in the studio."

The Titans got the ball back with 1:50 left in the half, but went three and out.

The Broncos got a chance for one more score with 1:07 and one time out. A Wes Welker injury took the time out.

The Broncos were running out of time when they decided to let Matt Prater kick a field goal -- a 64-yard field goal and he made it! Matt Prater got the record for field goal distance and the Broncos went into the locker room down 21-20.

Four kickers previously held the record for the longest field goal in the NFL -- 63 yards. One of them, former Broncos kicker Jason Elam tweeted, " Way to go Matt Prater! Awesome! Way to keep it in the Broncos family! I;m very proud and excited for you!"

Peyton Manning went 24/38, 219 yards with two touchdowns in the first half.

-Third quarter:

The Broncos started the second half with the ball. The team also shared the news that Wes Welker suffered a concussion. It's his second concussion of the season.

The Broncos bounced back from that news. On a six-play, 80-yard drive, the Broncos capped the series with a touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas. The Broncos took the lead for the first time in this game, 27-21.

On the Titans first possession of the second half, Broncos' Von Miller got to the quarterback, tipped the pass and defensive tackle Terrance Knighton caught it. Broncos ball.

The Broncos got to the red zone and struggled. Three downs inside the 10-yard-line came up with nothing. But a penalty got the Broncos a new set of downs on the one yard line. It took two more tries, but Moreno was able to run the ball into the end zone. Broncos up 34-21.

Three minutes later, the Titans had marched it back down the field and scored their own touchdown. Broncos 34, Titans 28.

The Broncos got the ball and made it to the red zone as the third quarter ended.

-- Fourth quarter

The Broncos started the fourth quarter in the red zone, but the drive stalled and Matt Prater was back. This time he kicks it a mere 19-yards and the Broncos were up 37-28.

The Titans followed that with a rough possession. At they were moving the chains, on the 33-yard line, the Titans faced a 4th-and-one and went for it. The quarterback ran the ball and got the first down, but a couple plays later, Von Miller forced a fumble and the Broncos recovered the ball on the 32-yard line. With the short field, the Broncos quickly scored seven more. Broncos up 44-28 with 9:12 left.

The Titans next possession didn't go much better than their last one - three plays and they were punting.

The Broncos got the ball at mid-field and worked their way to the red zone. The drive stalled on the 17 yard line. With the Broncos facing 4th and one, instead of kicking a field goal, the Broncos went for it and got the first down. A couple plays later, Montee Ball carried the ball into the end zone. Broncos up 51-28 with 3:07 left.

The Titans got one last possession, but it didn't go anywhere. The Broncos took the ball back, took a knee three times and the game was over. Broncos win 51-28. It's the Broncos third game this season with more than 50 points.

Read game day tweets from The Denver Broncos, Tennessee Titans, 7SPORTS anchor Lionel Bienvenu, 7SPORTS anchor Arran Andersen and The Denver Post's Mike Klis below: (Mobile users:

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