Denver Broncos playoff tickets being sold online could be real today, but fake by game day

DENVER - Denver Broncos playoff tickets being sold online could be real today, but fake by the time you show up at the stadium.

The divisional playoff game between the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers is sold out, but the secondary market is filled with tickets for sale.

Craigslist has dozens of postings for tickets to the divisional playoff game on Sunday afternoon. Some of the postings even have pictures of the tickets to prove they're real. 7NEWS found out that even though the tickets are real, they may end up fake by Sunday.

"You just don't know by looking at a ticket, whether or not it's a legitimate ticket," said Kirk Dyer, Denver Broncos Executive Director of Ticket Operations. "There are only three sources out there that you know you are purchasing a legitimate ticket; either through the Broncos, through Ticketmaster or through the NFL Ticket Exchange."

Tickets bought through Ticketmaster and the NFL Ticket Exchange have barcodes on the ticket that are verified and active to get you through the gate into the stadium.

Tickets bought elsewhere, such as Craigslist, may be real tickets that have canceled barcodes.

"At some point it was valid, but it may not be anymore," said Dyer.

When someone with a hard copy ticket sells that ticket through Ticketmaster or the NFL Ticket Exchange, the seller keeps their ticket, but the barcode gets deactivated. Those tickets were real at one point, but may not be on game day.

The Broncos do not verify ticket barcodes over the phone.

"The only recourse they have is to go back to who they bought that ticket from, because they didn't buy it from one of those three sources," said Dyer, referring to the Broncos ticket office, Ticketmaster and the NFL Ticket Exchange.

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