Denver Broncos head coach John Fox: We played the percentages at the end of regulation

DENVER - Denver Broncos head coach John Fox said the Broncos played the percentages at the end of regulation in the game against the Baltimore Ravens and lost.

The Ravens were seven points behind when they got the ball with 1:09 left in the game.

"77 yards with 1:09 and no time outs it's 97 percent, to get it to 41 seconds with 70 yards is 99.9 percent," said Fox. "That's what we try to do, is play the percentages."

"If I had felt we were going to give up a 70 yard touchdown pass with 41 seconds to go, we might have re-evaluated that, but that's not what the percentages say," Fox said.

Why did the Broncos take a knee when they got the ball back?

"With 41 seconds left in regulation you watch a 70 yard bomb go over your head, there's a certain amount of shock value," Fox said. "When you coach players and you're around them, you get a little bit better feel of where they're at. It was pretty devastating, it just didn't seem like the right time, the right look to go for the jugular right then."

Fox said he'd do the same thing again in the same situation.

"'Some people have compared it to the Atlanta game, it's not close to the situation," Fox said. "[Falcons] You're going to lose the game if you don't score. Ours was completely different in that we get to fight the next round. That was the thinking."

Fox said he wishes things had turned out differently.

"I wish we had done a better job of coaching it and executing it, than what happened," Fox said.

Vice President of football operations John Elway said the team and coaches will look at the situation and learn from it.

"If we really dissect it and look at what happened, not only what happened in the game, but in practice. If we look at everything and learn from it, and hopefully we're back in the situation [play-offs] again," Elway said.

"It's like any mistake -- you have to admit it, fix it and not let it happened again," said Fox. "I feel good that we'll learn from it and get better for it."

"We had had chance in the overtime period, we just didn't get it done," Fox said.

Elway said the Baltimore Ravens played well.

"They made some big plays, great catches, [Ravens quarterback Joe] Flacco put the ball on the money," Elway said. "They did a good job on the defensive side. They didn't allows us to get any big plays. We can talk about us, but the Ravens had a lot to do with how we played, too, because they played very, very well."

7Sports anchor Lionel Bienvenu Tweeted during the news conference that Elway said the Broncos would be picking up the option on Peyton Manning's contract to keep the quarterback for another year.

"In my opinion, Peyton played well enough for us to win, we just came up short," said Fox.

Fox and Elway both talked about the future.

"We're going to work very hard again this off season to get better," said Fox.

"If you look at where we were two years ago and where we are now, we're making the strides we want to make and we know we have to make some more," said Elway. "It was a very good season for us, won a lot of football games, the excitement was back, the fans were great, important for us to make the next step."

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