Coach Gary Kubiak, Peyton Manning react to QB's performance and Broncos' loss to Chiefs

DENVER - Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak says he blames himself for Peyton Manning's performance during the Kansas City Chiefs game.

The famed quarterback was eventually benched in the second half of the game with a 0 record and four interceptions.

"Peyton is our quarterback if he's healthy. I am disappointed in myself. This is on me."

"I should have made the decision to not play him," Kubiak said, noting 39-year-old Manning had foot and rib pain in the days before the game, and saying it was a tough decision.

"He's a competitor. He wanted to play."

Manning said after the game that he predicted a better outcome. He said he let the team down, taking any responsibility from Kubiak.

"I thought I was good enough to play. I was going out to help the team and I ended up hurting the team."

Manning looked defeated from the sidelines after he was pulled. He added, "It was a bad game."

Backup QB Brock Osweiler addressed the elephant in the room himself, agreeing with the coach. 

"Peyton is our quarter back. I don't (expect to start next week). I can sit here and speak for everyone in the locker room and say we all support him 100 percent. He's been one hell of a leader."

Manning's other teammates quickly jumped to his defense.

"He's our leader. Today was just a rough day," Von Miller said in the locker room. "There's some stuff we got to work on and get better at."

Ronnie Hillman tweeted that Denver has the right to be frustrated but he's not going to respond to "negative 'fans.'"

Sentiment wasn't the same from all of the winning Chiefs, according to The Denver Post

Strong safety Ron Parker said, "He's getting pretty old. He's still a good quarterback. He tried hard."

Then there's linebacker Derrick Johnson: "Well, he is almost 40 years old, so he's not the guy he used to be."

Manning's former Indianapolis coach seems to agree. Tony Dungy, retired head of the Colts, said it was the "worst I have ever seen Peyton look," and that he'd play Osweiler next week against the Bears.

The Broncos lost 29-13. In the game, Manning broke the NFL passing record.

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