Broncos' Wes Welker gets munched by Komodo dragons, stuck in snow globe in wacky Old Spice ads

DENVER - Denver's new star receiver Wes Welker hasn't played a snap in a real game for the Broncos yet but he's already getting rave reviews for a fresh series of those wacky and weird Old Spice deodorant and body wash commercials.

In one of the 18-second spots, a downcast Welker is slumped in the locker room until he takes a whiff of deodorant and -- as the goofy jingle says -- he lets "the fresh scent take you to a fresher place," a tropical isle where  a blissed-out Welker doesn't care that "there are some lizards that are eating your legs."

In another spot, the pit-stick has Welker "feeling cool and clean" and ready to win as snowflakes fall in the locker room -- until he realizes he's stuck in a snow globe at a dollar store.

The last ad has him so enjoying a long shower with Old Spice body wash, he misses the second half of the game

The commercials made Adweek's Ad of the Day feature under the headline: "Old Spice Perfects the Stupid-Funny Parody Jingle in NFL Spots."

"Here's a sentence I never thought I'd write: The bar for deodorant ads has gotten really, really high over the last few years," Adweek's Sam Thielman writes.


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