Broncos want Elvis Dumervil to take a pay cut for next season when he is due to make $12 million

Broncos want Elvis Dumervil to take pay cut

DENVER, Colo -     The Broncos will ask defensive end Elvis Dumervil to take a pay cut. If he doesn't agree they could release him before March 17. Dumervil is 29 years old and scheduled to make $12 million this season. He has made $28 million the last two years and the team does not believe he is worth another $12 million. Dumervil is 29 years old and was voted into the Pro Bowl last season. He has 20.5 sacks over the last two seasons.

    The Broncos are hoping to get some salary cap relief from Dumervil in order to sign other free agents. Dwight Freeney, defensive end from the Indianapolis Colts, is a free agent and the Broncos could make a play for him. Freeney is 33 years old and his production has slowed, with 13.5 sacks the last two seasons. Freeney would only cost between $5 and $6 million dollars. 

   Peyton Manning has already recruited his former teammate, sending Freeney a text message on February 20 that said "Hey man, don't worry, come play with me in Denver."  Freeney said at the time, "I think they've got a couple good pass rushers over there. I don't know if they have room for me." If the Broncos release Dumervil, then they certainly will have room. 



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