Broncos safety Rahim Moore is ready to move on from the play that happened against the Ravens

Rahim Moore looking forward to new season


   Rahim Moore wants so badly to forget it all. No one seems willing to let that happen.
   Ever since Moore mistimed his leap and fell helplessly to the grass as Baltimore wide receiver Jacoby Jones hauled in Joe Flacco's desperation 70-yard TD in the playoffs, the Denver Broncos' free safety has been absolutely bombarded.
  Moore said after practice today, “Once I came in here, I was fine. I’m not one of those guys that gets beat down.  It’s always in the back of my mind. There are plays that I missed throughout the season, prior to that my whole career in football that you always want to take back. But that’s what makes you a great player. That’s what makes you want to respond and do all you can to get better."
   With words of encouragement and consternation.
   With pats on the back and snide remarks behind his back.
   As the Broncos returned to practice Monday, Moore said he appreciates the support from teammates and the front office and understands the lingering frustration that some fans feel.
   “The thing is it’s like life in general: you have to move on. You’re going to have some good days, some bad days. But you can’t just thrive on the good days all the time. The fans, that’s what they’re supposed to do, that’s why they’re there for us, they pay all their money, their hard-working money and they want to see greatness. So, I don’t fault them at all. But this year, we’re going to do all we can to put some smiles on their faces", Moore said. 
   He promised anew to atone for his many mystifying mistakes on that frigid night back in January that resulted in the most unlikely of touchdowns with 31 seconds left in regulation.
  “Oh man, so many. A lot of my teammates, [QB] Peyton [Manning] , [CB] Champ [Bailey]…[Steelers S] Ryan Clark actually texted me last night. So, I’ve been blessed with the supporting cast that I’ve had," Moore said. "Some people out on the streets, airports in California or Florida, so I’m blessed. And it’s a good thing that they really care. I’ve had some bad comments, but I keep those to myself because it’s part of the territory. But the main thing is it’s all about what God says. He’s a forgiving God. He’s a God where I can pass on all my cares to him. So, once I do that, I’m fine. I’m happy to be at work.”


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