Broncos players call previous loss to the Chargers a 'wakeup call,' used it as motivation to move on

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - Looking forward to another matchup against the Chargers - the last team to beat the Broncos - Denver's players are using their memories as motivation.

"I don't know how to say that it is good that we lost, but you know it is kind of a wakeup call. We can be beat, so we've just got to be able to go out and play Broncos football. So, I think that was a good loss for us at that time," said Wide Receiver Demaryius Thomas, who added that a fast, high-energy game on Sunday would be in Denver's favor.

Linebacker Wesley Woodyard echoed those comments, saying, "I think it was a wakeup call to the whole team: That we've got to go out there and continue to play hard, play fast and physical."

Running Back Knowshon Moreno said that reviewing their Week 12 loss to the Chargers was an important part of their preparations this week. San Diego won that last game 27-20 and dominated time of possession.

"They did some good things on defense that kinda got us rattled a little bit," Moreno said, when talking about the points of the last game he reviewed.

Moreno continued that the team needed to "make sure we're doing our keys, staying on key and making plays."

Offensive coordinator Adam Gase agreed. He told reporters that an early lead could be important to a victory on Sunday.

"Obviously, any time you can get up on a team that is a ball-control team, it puts a little more pressure on them to possibly do something they don't like to do," he said.

On the other side of the ball, Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio commented on the Chargers' strength in third-down situations.

"They've done an excellent job throughout the year in third-down, getting to third and manageables, and obviously that's been very big for them," he said.

All of the players and coaches who answered questions Thursday seemed to share this belief - that the result of Sunday's game was entirely in their hands.

"If we don't go out there and play our game, we're going to go home again and we don't want that," Thomas said.

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