Broncos' John Elway hints at ideas to improve defense in press conference before NFL Combine

During a press conference at the NFL Combine, John Elway hinted the Denver Broncos would work on trying to improve their defense next season.

The topic came up during a press conference during which the Broncos general manager and executive vice president of football operations was asked both about the Super Bowl and the 2014 draft.

"I think that when you look at the numbers, offensively, you're going to say we don't have to get much better because you can't put up better numbers than what we did offensively. Defensively, there were a lot of injuries over there, but we didn’t play as consistent as we had the year before," Elway said.

The former quarterback was also asked if he would want to lead his team to emulate the Seattle Seahawks' defense that crushed Denver's record-setting offense.

"You have to give Seattle a ton of credit on the defensive side," Elway told reporters, later adding, "We just will continue to try to stay healthy next year and find some players to help on that side of the ball."

The draft is still about three months away, but Elway did hint that the organization would be looking for linebackers and safeties.

"It's hard to get everyone and that's why we have to be good in the draft. Hopefully we're able to find those guys," he said. "Safety is becoming such a big position because of the spread offense and everybody is spreading everybody out. You have to have those strong safeties that also have the ability to cover."

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