Broncos' Head Coach John Fox to coach from sideline Sunday

DENVER - Denver Broncos head coach John Fox says he will be working from the sideline Sunday. The faceoff against the Tennessee Titans will be his first return to coaching since heart valve replacement surgery.

"I'll be on the sideline, you know, just like normal," Fox said in a press conference Friday.

Fox returned to work Monday with high spirits and a typically energetic sense of humor. On Nov. 27 had returned to Colorado on from Charlotte, N.C. after recovering from surgery.

On Sunday, the 10-2 Broncos will face the 5-7 Titans at home.

Fox had a bicuspid aortic valve that was first diagnosed in 1997. He explained Monday that doctors told him the old valve was about the size of a pin head, but was now about the size of a 50-cent piece following the surgery.

During Friday's press conference, Fox said there were pros and cons to coaching from the field or from the coaches' box, but preferred to be with the team.

"Upstairs you get a better view of the game - you don't have quite the emotion involved. It doesn't matter what kind of coach that you are. On the field, you get a little bit better feel for the players - you look right into their eyes. Communication wise, it is direct and you're not going through somebody," Fox said.

Later he added, "I'm looking forward to getting back on the field and with the team. Business as usual." 

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