Broncos Director of Player Personnel Matt Russell will not pursue the CU AD job

Matt Russell staying with the Broncos

DENVER -    Denver Broncos Director of Player Personnel Matt Russell told 7Sports Director Lionel Bienvenu late Wednesday afternoon he was staying with the Broncos. Reports earlier Wednesday said Russell was very interested in the University of Colorado Athletic Director's job. Russell told Bienvenu, "I want it."

  But after a hour of thinking about, the former CU All-American linebacker sent Bienvenu a text saying, "I am not going to go after it. I'm staying with Denver (Broncos.)"

  The Broncos released an official statement from Russell. It said  “While I love my alma mater and want what’s best for it, I am not pursuing a position with the University of Colorado. I am fully committed to my role with the Denver Broncos.”

  Athletic Director Mike Bohn was forced to resign Tuesday. 


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