Alan Roach, deep voice of Broncos' public address system, will not be allowed to call the Super Bowl

NEW YORK - The booming voice of a long-time Colorado resident is being silenced at the Super Bowl this year, because of a potential conflict of interest.

Alan Roach, the voice of NFL Events worldwide, found out earlier this season that he would not be allowed to be the announcer at any Super Bowl in which the Broncos are playing. You see, Roach's iconic voice is also the voice heard on the Broncos' public address system.

"I'm thrilled for the Broncos players that I have the opportunity to work closely with over the course of the year. They have worked so hard for this, and they all deserve this. And I respect every bit of that," he said. "The Broncos respect that when they don't make the Super Bowl I get to be the announcer, and so certainly I expect that when they play well enough, I'll step aside."

In the course of a normal year, Roach travels to the Broncos' away games, the Super Bowl, Hall of Fame, Draft, games in London and the Pro-Bowl. This year, he'll also be announcing hockey games during the winter Olympics in Sochi.

Roach is also the morning sports anchor on 850 KOA radio and spent time as an announcer for both the Rockies and the Avalanche.

He has a pretty special job and says he is lucky to have it.

"A lot of it is just who you know and when you know them," he said. "And obviously my voice helps and once I was able to do one Super Bowl and do a good job for the NFL to know I could handle it and then give me more and more opportunities. I'll continue to do this job for as long as they ask and that's why it is so hard to allow them to have someone else sit in that chair on Sunday -- but I'll be back next year."

Roach, who was still allowed to emcee media day in Newark on Tuesday, says he reluctantly understood why he wouldn't be allowed to be the voice of this Super Bowl.

"There was mixed feelings during the season when I found out that I wouldn't be allowed to announce the game," but Roach said there was "no question" that he wanted to see the Broncos come out on top.

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