7NEWS week 8 NFL Fantasy Football tips, 2013

At the halfway point, where does your team stand?

DENVER - The teams on bye this week are: Baltimore Ravens (3-4), Chicago Bears (4-3), Houston Texans (2-5), Indianapolis Colts (5-2), San Diego Chargers (4-3), and Tennessee Titans (3-4)

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Midseason Review

We’re halfway through the fantasy season.  If you play fourteen regular season games week 8 marks the beginning of your second half of the season.  If you play fifteen regular season games then week 8 marks the midpoint in your season.  Either way, your record at half way is going to set your focus for the second half and here’s what you should be thinking with where you stand.

7-0, 6-1

You’re thinking playoffs for sure right?  So you should look ahead in the NFL schedule to weeks 15, 16 (and 17 if that’s your championship week) and try to focus on stacking your roster with some key players on specific teams that have favorable matchups in positions you could be weak at in those weeks.  Try to peer into your crystal ball and see who will still have to play at the end of the season and against the bottom end run and pass defenses. Also, either add or try to make a trade for those players, hopefully with someone who’s 2-5 or 3-4 and in desperation mode.  This doesn’t have to happen this week, just pay attention and start stock piling when you can for those playoff weeks to put yourself in a good position to win. Maybe wait a week or two and when someone falls to 2-8 or 3-7, move in for the kill.

5-2, 4-3

You should be feeling pretty good, having made it through the first half better than .500 record.  Maybe you squeaked out a win last week to put you at 4-3.  For the most part you’ve probably made it through bye week’s okay so far but you need to stay focused and can’t afford to slip up.  At the worst you’re probably holding what would be a wild card spot right now if the playoffs started, or tied for one.  Your focus needs to be on maintaining position and challenging for the division or overall lead.  Stay the course and keep an eye on the waiver wire and up to speed on injuries.  If you slip up there’s a 3-4 team right behind you that’ll jump ahead if given the chance.  Don’t be afraid to make a trade as long as it doesn’t look to negatively affect your roster.  You need to maintain and push ahead of whoever you can.

3-4, 2-5

Regardless of what your excuses are, or the bad luck you’ve had, you can’t focus on the past, the time is now.  So you need to win this week and at all cost, and keep winning.  Look to make whatever moves you can in order to get it done.  Generally 7-7 is the worst you can be to possibly make a playoff spot and that’s even stretching it.  In 10 team or higher leagues the last spot is usually 8-6 (based on four teams making the playoffs).  Hope is not lost, but it’s fading fast.  One or two more losses and you’ll have to win out the rest of the way and get some help.  How many times at the end of the season do you see some sportscaster explaining how “X” team needs to win, have “Y” team lose and “Z” team lose or tie, OR -- lose and have three other teams lose or tie and “Z” team lose.  And does any of that ever happen? No.  You don’t want to have to rely on the same ridiculous, calculus math equations.  Don’t panic, yet.  Believe it or not there’s some validity to the “one game at a time” cliché.  Just focus on this week, and get it done, and then worry about next week when it comes.

1-6, 0-7

Thanks for playing; we’ll see you next year.  You may want to try fantasy hockey or basketball.  You can probably get in on a late draft later today.


Week 8 defensive ranks against run and pass, best to worst.




RAVENS                                PANTHERS

CHARGERS                          SEAHAWKS

CHIEFS                                  STEELERS

SEAHAWKS                         CHIEFS

PACKERS                              SAINTS

CARDINALS                           TITANS

JETS                                      TEXANS

COLTS                                  49ERS

BUCCANEERS                     PATRIOTS

FALCONS                             COLTS

BENGALS                             LIONS

BILLS                                     BROWNS

PANTHERS                           DOLPHINS

EAGLES                                JETS

RAIDERS                              RAMS

GIANTS                                 RAVENS

TEXANS                                BENGALS

PATRIOTS                             BEARS

SAINTS                                  CARDINALS

COWBOYS                            BILLS

BROWNS                               RAIDERS

49ERS                                     BUCCANEERS

LIONS                                     PACKERS

BRONCOS                             REDSKINS

STEELERS                             JAGUARS

TITANS                                  VIKINGS

BEARS                                   EAGLES

DOLPHINS                            FALCONS

RAMS                                     GIANTS

JAGUARS                              CHARGERS

VIKINGS                               COWBOYS

REDSKINS                            BRONCOS


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