Big NCAA Tournament games moving off CBS to TBS

Networks will soon begin alternating Final Four

NEW YORK - The NCAA Tournament has a long history on CBS, but two of the biggest games of next year's tournament are moving to cable.

CBS and Turner Sports said Tuesday the national semifinals will air on TBS in 2014 and 2015, with the title game remaining on CBS.

Under the 14-year deal the companies signed with the NCAA in 2010, CBS and TBS will alternate broadcasting the entire Final Four after that. TBS will have it in 2016 and CBS in 2017.

TBS will also begin airing two of the four regional finals starting next season. They had all been on CBS.

The two companies recently completed their third year of the contract, which televised every game in the tournament for the first time using CBS and three Turner channels -- TBS, TNT and truTV.

The new approach has drawn strong ratings and shown that viewers are comfortable finding the games on cable.

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