Colorado Avalanche Matt Duchene's random act of kindness

DENVER - A bullied 11-year-old girl from Canada has a Colorado Avalanche player to thank for an autographed Boston Bruins jersey.

Trista Greer lives in Ontario but is a big fan of the Bruins.  Her support has resulted in bullying in school that has sometimes left her in tears.

Her father, Wayde, wanting to cheer her up, learned a Bruins jersey would be auctioned at a charity golf tournament he would be attending and pooled $500 with friends to try and buy the jersey for his daughter.

The bidding started above Wayde's budget but he had been talking to Avs Center Matt Duchene, from Canada, who just happened to be participating in the charity event and was sitting at Wayde's table during the bidding. 

Duchene heard Trista's story and told the father, "Get it for her.  I've got you covered."

The bids hit $1,600 and Wayde glanced at Duchene who held up two fingers.  Wayde bid $2,000 and won the jersey for his daughter and gave it to her on her 11th birthday on July 6.

Trista got the jersey along with a "Happy Birthday" card from Duchene.

The money raised in the auction went to relief for victims of recent flooding in the county. Read Wayde Greer's account of what happened:

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