Avs match offer from Calgary for Ryan O'Reilly

Ryan O'Reilly will return to Avs

DENVER, Colo -    The Colorado Avalanched matched the Calgary Flames offer to restricted free agent Ryan O'Reilly Thursday night.

   The Flames offer was $10 million for two years, which includes a $2 million signing bonus.
    The Avs had seven days to match the offer but they decided within a few hours to match and get O'Reilly back to Denver. The Avs would have received Calgary's first- and third-round picks in the NHL draft if they had decided not to match. The Avs cannot trade the forward for a year from the date of the signing.
  O'Reilly, 22, has not played this season while trying to work out a contract with Colorado.
   The forward was the team's leading scorer last season with 55 points. He was the 33rd pick in the 2009 draft and in three seasons has 39 goals and 69 assists in 236 career games.
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