Avalanche goalie Semyon Varlamov's girlfriend says he kicked and dragged her, affidavit says

DENVER - The girlfriend of Colorado Avalanche goalie Semyon Varlamov says he kicked her in the chest knocking her to the ground, then stomped on her chest, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her on Monday, according to an arrest affidavit obtained Thursday by 7NEWS.

Varlamov turned himself into police on Wednesday night and was held overnight on charges of felony kidnapping and misdemeanor assault. He appeared in court Thursday morning wearing shackles and a yellow jumpsuit. The judge set bond at $5,000 and gave Varlamov permission to travel for games.

Varlamov was released within the hour and drove away with friends who were speaking to him in Russian.

The judge ordered Varlamov to stay at least 100 yards away from the alleged victim and said he must surrender any weapons and ammunition within the next 24 hours and cannot purchase any weapons while out on bond.

Evgeniya Vavrinyuk, the alleged victim, agreed to an interview Thursday. Through a translator, she told 7NEWS reporter Amanda Kost she wants everyone to know "what he really is and what he's capable of."

Vayrinyuk said that during the assault, "he was having a lot of fun. He was laughing."


-- Affidavit: Varlamov dragged girlfriend by her hair --

Even though the alleged assault occurred on Monday, the woman, whose name was blacked out in the report, did not go to police until Wednesday.

During an interview with police Vayrinyuk said, "Her boyfriend, Mr. Semyon Aleksandrovich Varlamov, assaulted her by kicking her in the chest, which knocked her down."

The affidavit goes on to say, "While the victim was still on the floor, he then reportedly stomped on her chest with his foot. He then grabbed her by the hair and dragged her out of the bedroom by her hair."

The girlfriend told police that while she was being held by her hair, Varlamov pulled her face to the floor and told her in Russian "that if this was Russia, he would have beat her more," according to the affidavit.

The woman told police Varlamov then shook and pushed her to the floor.

The officer who interviewed the woman said she had bruising on her left forearm and right hip area.

In the report, the officer said he also interviewed a friend of the alleged victim.

The friend said that the victim called her on Tuesday and asked for help. The friend said she allowed the victim to stay the night at her house. She told the officer that as the victim was getting dressed on Wednesday, she saw bruises on the victim’s arm and chest area.

Read the full arrest affidavit: http://media.thedenverchannel.com/documents/Semyon_Varlamov_affidavit.pdf

Varlamov's agent, Paul Theofanous, said Varlamov is "completely innocent of all of these charges."


-- Victim's attorney says 'this is the most minor beating of them all' --

The victim's attorney told 7NEWS that Vayrinyuk and Varlamov knew one another for four years and this was not the first time that Vayrinyuk had been assaulted.

"There were five total beatings over three countries. And to my knowledge and my understanding from the witness statements, this is the most minor beating of them all," said Robert Abrams, the woman's attorney.

The victim told 7NEWS reporter Amanda Kost about the repeated physical abuse.

"He has no concept of stopping, when to stop drinking," Vayrinyuk said through a translator. "When he drinks excessively, he turns into a wild animal."

Abrams said the 24-year-old woman was woken up when cold water was spilled in the bed, and then she was attacked by Varlamov.

"What you don't know is she was woken up out of a sound sleep to get the beating at 6:30 in the morning," Abrams said.

"He was having a lot of fun," the victim told Kost. "He was laughing."

She fled their shared apartment and when she returned her clothes were in the hallway and the lock was changed, Abrams said.

"So, she speaks no English, and he throws her in the street in a foreign country and cuts off the money," Abrams said.

She was living in the United States on a visa and stays with Varlamov when she's in the United States.

"He flies her in, this is a 4-year relation, flies her in and she stays for months at a time. Her current visa is three months. She leaves around January. So we’ll seek extended stay on this now as a material witness on a felony," Abrams said.

Vayrinyuk was asked why she was coming forward now, if similar abuse incidents have happened in the past.

She answered and an interpreter translated, "It happened so many times in other countries that really the legal system couldn’t do anything about it. She feels confident in the US law and the women’s rights that somebody is actually going to pay attention and notice what happened to her

Abrams said the woman's family in Russia has received death threats because she has ruined the goalie's reputation.

"I wanted the Russian people to know this is not a meritless case. This is not fabricated. This is not made up. This is an independent criminal investigation that substantiated the allegations thereto and said, 'We have taken the witnesses statements, seen the evidence, seen the body damage, seen the hospital report and find it meritful with the witnesses that can testify.' So, it's not frivolous and it’s not an attempt in any way to besmirch this man's reputation. There is none of that. Factually, he stomped on her. And factually in this country, you’ll pay the price for that," Abrams said.

He said the woman is petite, about 5 feet 3 inches about 110-115 pounds, but she is strong.

"She said, 'I want to throw him in jail,'" Abrams said.

He said however the criminal case progresses, he will also be pursuing a civil case against Varlamov.

"I'm going to try him on the civil side of this for what he did to her," Abrams said.


-- Colorado Avalanche respond to allegations --

Speaking to the media Thursday morning, Avalanche Head Coach Patrick Roy referenced the case against Varlamov.

"We’re going to take it one day at a time like we have been doing it all year long ...  It’s important that for me as a coach that I keep my focus on our team," Roy said.

He didn't know if Varlamov would be playing on Friday, when the Avalanche was scheduled to play in Dallas.

"We can make a decision on how we will deal with the situation (later Thursday afternoon)," Roy said.  "I would prefer for us to see what’s going to transpire from the decision of the judge and hearing from the lawyer. We'll let you know more after."

The Colorado Avalanche released this statement Wednesday night: "The Colorado Avalanche organization is aware of the allegations concerning Semyon Varlamov. At this time, and until the conclusion of this investigation, the Avalanche organization will have no further comment on this situation."

During Thursday's court hearing, Varlamov's attorney, Jack Rotole, asked the judge to allow Varlamov to travel across the country and into Canada without restrictions.

"He's not a flight risk. He resides here during the season …  He has the total support of the Colorado Avalanche," Rotole said.

Varlamov was drafted into the NHL in 2006 by the Washington Capitals in the first round. He has played in the net for eight of the Avs' games so far this season, contributing to seven wins.  The Avs are 10-1 and are off to their best start in franchise history.

Varlamov's career save percentage is 91.4.

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