7NEWS Week 5 NFL Fantasy Football tips, 2013

DENVER - Teams on bye this week are: Vikings, Steelers, Buccaneers, and Redskins

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Week 5 tip: How to manage through your player’s bye weeks

Bye weeks are upon us and ultimately this middle part of the season is what will most likely make or break your record for the year.  Managing your team through the byes is critical.  Everyone will have a week where their stud player is off.  You should also get lucky and catch an opponent without his top player.  So monitoring whose hot and playing matchups is crucial. 

You should be looking ahead in your schedule to see who’s off the following week and keep an eye out for players on the rise. Injuries to your fantasy team are a part of the game so try to monopolize on situations so you can exploit them to your benefit. For example, look now at your team and see when your quarterback is off, then look at the schedule for that week and see what quarterback is up against a defense that’s horrible against the pass.  Whatever your issues may be, try to have a plan and don’t get caught blindsided.

San Diego Chargers

Philip Rivers was more than likely drafted as a backup, if he was drafted at all in your league.  Now he’s playing like his old self and needs to be starting each week.  If you can still grab him off waivers then do it.  Danny Woodhead showed his versatility out of the backfield and took on a role last week much like Darren Sproles.  Woodhead makes for a great flex play or bye week RB2, especially in ppr formats.

Detroit Lions

With Nate Burleson out, it wasn’t Ryan Broyles picking up the slack.  Instead it was Brandon Pettigrew who had a handful of receptions for the first time this season.  The Packers rank near the bottom against the TE position in a game that should be a shootout this week.

Baltimore Ravens

Ray Rice returned to action but he didn’t make much of an impact only rushing for 17 yards on five carries.  If he had more carries maybe it would have been a different outcome.  It’s hard to tell if he was still nagged by injury or if it’s just the fact that the Ravens gave up on the run last week against the Bills.  The Dolphins rank near the bottom against the run so this week should be better, as long as Rice gets the ball more than five times.

New England Patriots   

The good: Danny Amendola should be back this week.  The bad: Rob Gronkowski shouldn’t be back this week.  The ugly: New England’s backfield is a game of Russian roulette courtesy of the “hoody”.  Last week it was LeGarrette Blount in the limelight which has been a rotation of add/drops in fantasy each week with Patriots running backs.  Keep this in mind and don’t get fooled.  47 of Blount’s 64 yards came on his long touchdown run against the Falcons. The rest of the game he carried the ball eight times for 17 yards.  Stevan Ridley followed up with 11 carries in the game while Brandon Boldin had six.  The Cincinnati Bengals defense can be stingy up front, giving up 99 rushing yards per game. So I’d expect more receptions out of the backfield this week. Keep your attention on Boldin and Ridley but there’s always the chance that logic doesn’t prevail here and that coach Belichick decides to put a new name in the backfield this week.

New York Jets

Just when things started to look trustworthy in the Big Apple, it all fell to pieces.  Santonio Holmes is out, Stephen Hill is banged up and Gino Smith pulls off butt fumble 2.0.  It would seem Kellen Winslow will get back in the mix, by process of elimination, which happened at the end of the game last week.  Winslow probably will make for a sneaky start at TE on Monday night, maybe you’ll get lucky, but then again that’s really the name of the game isn’t it.

Atlanta Falcons

Don’t get frustrated too much with Matt Ryan.  New England’s defense is under the radar (as well as Aqib Talib, ask Julio Jones).  Do get frustrated with Roddy White.  Sit him until after their bye week and let’s hope he’s back to full strength in week 7.  Even if he shows up this week, you’ll at least know he had a good game going into two weeks of rest.  Julio Jones is a little banged up after last week but he’s leads the NFL in receiving yards and is third in catches so play him.  Remember this is a pass first offense so if you have to use Jason Snelling or Jacquizz Rodgers until Steven Jackson gets back.

Oakland Raiders

Terrelle Pryor is back this week so Denarius Moore should be a great play against the Chargers in a game that reeks of guns a blazing in a shootout, catch-up and garbage time for the Raiders near the end.  Rashad Jennings makes for a decent spot start or flex play this week with McFadden out.  If you have RG III or Roethlisberger on bye this week, Pryor faces the worst ranked pass defense, per the list below…hint, hint, hint.

Houston Texans

Matt Schaub is throwing games away.  There are way better options at QB to start right now.  Owen Daniels has been nonexistent for the most part and Andre Johnson doesn’t look the same this year.  Arian Foster is finally starting to become trustworthy again, but that’s about it for Houston right now.  A really great game would be Texans versus the New York Giants.  I’d start either defense and you’d get four touchdowns from either one; that’s the theory at least.


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