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DENVER - So you’ve had your draft and hopefully you feel good about how it went.  If not, get past it and focus on managing.  Things change throughout the season and what may not look so great now, can turn into a pretty good team for you down the road.  Remember, this is about making the best decisions each week and trying to optimize your team to get the most points out of it.

Along the way you need to pay attention to the waiver wire and who’s hot and who’s not.  Everyone’s team is going to suffer from injuries along the way and there’s going to be guys who weren’t drafted that suddenly become a hot commodity for whatever reason.  Someone gets injured and the next guy in line steps in or someone just turns out to be a stud that no one knew about, like Broncos tight end Julius Thomas.  Either way, pay attention each week and look for guys that can benefit your team down the road.

Setting up you’re line up for week 1

Basically there shouldn’t be any mystery here about what to do.  You drafted a starting roster first, and that’s pretty much the lineup you want to go with in the first week.  There are too many unknowns about what the best matchups are and who’s going to perform without a proven track recordWhatever your first few picks were, you took them for a reason and they should pretty much start each week regardless of matchup.  There’s going to become some situations through the season where you may have a better option once in while compared to an every week starter, but as you start the season, go primarily with the team you drafted.

How to handle mid-level players

So what can you go by if you’re on the fence over two guys?  You may have a decision or two with some mid-level players. Maybe it’s a third wide receiver or your second running back slot. 

Take a close look at the defenses from last year and how they finished against the run and the pass. This should help you come to a clearer decision on the certain player and position. Of course personnel changes a little each year, but for the most part you can still pick out the really bad defenses against run and pass from the previous year.

Until you get a few weeks under your belt (around week 3 or 4) you really can’t start to figure out defensive trends on a consistent basis.

If you know how the bottom of the league defenses fared at the end of the year, the you can make a logical decision on starting a mid-level guy against them in week one.  Remember it’s about upside if you have to make a decision. 

Click on the links to view our week start/sits. http://www.thedenverchannel.com/sports/fantasy-football-week-1-starts-and-sits

Tune in to Fantasy Football Now every Sunday morning on ESPN2 at 9:30 (MST) for last minute start/sit, injury reports and rankings.  Good luck and if you can steal a win in the first week, great, if not, don’t get too upset, it’s only week 1.  Next week we’ll review a little about what we saw in week 1 and start to try to figure out some things for week 2.

Here’s how defenses ranked at end of last year. Best to worst, fantasy points against:




BEARS                                  SEAHAWKS

49ERS                                   CARDINALS

TEXANS                                 BEARS                    

BRONCOS                             STEELERS

SEAHAWKS                           BENGALS

STEELERS                             JETS

VIKINGS                                 BUCS

PATRIOTS                             RAVENS

REDSKINS                            BRONCOS

CHARGERS                          FALCONS

BENGALS                             49ERS

BUCS                                   PANTHERS

DOLPHINS                            PACKERS

GIANTS                                 TEXANS

LIONS                                   COLTS

EAGLES                               RAMS

RAVENS                               COWBOYS

PACKERS                             JAGUARS

BROWNS                              PATRIOTS

RAMS                                    LIONS

CARDINALS                           BROWNS

PANTHERS                          CHARGERS

JETS                                     GIANTS

CHIEFS                                 TITANS

FALCONS                            REDSKINS

COLTS                                  RAIDERS

COWBOYS                           CHIEFS

RAIDERS                             JAGUARS

TITANS                                BILLS

JAGUARS                            VIKINGS

BILLS                                   EAGLES

SAINTS                                BUCS

BRONCOS                           SAINTS

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