Woman shot, killed during "freaky sex" inside motel

A rendezvous inside a Tampa hotel ended with a woman shot in the head and a man charged with manslaughter.
Investigators from Tampa Police said Tyrone Fields, 21, accidently shot and killed Christina Meagher, 18, while role-playing Nov. 7 inside a Regency Inn in Tampa.
Fields called 911 immediately after the gun went off and told detectives it happened during “freaky sex.” 
He told detectives that while the two were engaged in sexual activity he put his gun to her head in a role-play scenario. Fields said he removed the magazine from his .9 mm pistol but forgot to remove the bullet from the chamber.  
He pulled the trigger, shooting Meagher in the head.
She was rushed to St. Joseph's Hospital where she later died from her injuries.
The defendant stated during questioning that he had only known Meagher for two days.
Surveillance video from the motel shows the two enter the room consensually.
Fields is currently charged with manslaughter and felony discharge with the result of death.
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