Woman Claims Ghosts Out To Get Her

Police Called When Woman Runs Down Hall, Screaming

A woman staying at a local motel in Eagle created quite a stir earlier this month after motel employees called police to report she was running down the hallway.

The woman claimed that she could see ghosts in her room, according to the employees who called for help dealing with the woman on Nov. 5

Eagle police officers arrived and noted that she is the same woman they had contact with earlier in the day. At the time, the woman appeared confused and did not know what state she was in.

Officer escorted the woman back to her motel room where they said she insisted that there were ghosts in the room and they were trying to kill her.

The woman told police that she had visited a doctor who prescribed medication but she refused to take it because she didn't trust doctors.

A representative from Colorado West Regional Mental Health performed a mental evaluation and the woman was cleared to return to her hotel room.

The motel reported no further incidents from the woman.