Governor visits Rocky Mountain Coordination Center

LAKEWOOD, Colo. - Colorado is doing a better job of fighting wildfires this summer than last, Governor John Hickenlooper said during a visit to the Rocky Mountain Coordination Center in Lakewood Monday.

"I think we are an order of magnitude better prepared than we were last year," Hickenlooper said.

The Rocky Mountain Coordination Center coordinates the mobilization of resources for wildfires in Colorado and four other states: Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas. That geographic area is one of 11 in the United States that has a Geographic Area Coordinating Group made up of fire directors from each of the federal and state land management agencies within the area.

During his press conference Monday, the governor also praised partnerships with the military and a greater emphasis on use of aerial resources to help firefighters keep wildfires contained.

"These fires once they get to a certain size and intensity become very hard to handle and the options become diminished in as far as how we're going to fight the fires," Hickenlooper said.

He also urged all Colorado residents to be aware of their surroundings and to be cautious about preventing manmade fires from starting.

Toward that end, many municipalities have enacted various degrees of burn bans and several have also banned fireworks shows.

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