Crowd-sourcing personal problems on social media

It used to be that if you needed advice or support, you could ask the other moms at the park, or dear Abby or your favorite aunt. Now, if you have personal problems, dilemmas or needs, you have a Greek chorus of millions weighing in online, a billion know-it-alls right at your fingertips.

Crowd-sourcing your personal problems, it's What's Trending. 

Here's an example: Once upon a time, five siblings wanted a dog. Dad said no... Well, okay if you can get a million likes on Facebook. Within seven hours, they did, becoming puppy owners and media darlings in the process. 
It was a crowd-sourcing fairy tale.  And lots of folks are asking for help with personal problems online.  Getting pets, sex and even finding birth parents.
This teenager from Virginia posted, "My daddy says if I get 100,000 likes, he'll stop smoking." and she did, so he quit. And she's not the only one. 
Parenting dilemmas are perfect for crowd-sourcing.
Our own Teresa Strasser couldn't get her toddler to put on his socks without freaking out about the seams being straight. She posted the issue on Facebook and a perfect stranger gave her some perfect advice. Seamless socks. Who knew?  Problem solved.      
Can't come up with a name for your baby? Do like Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, who sent out a large group email asking for suggestions or, log onto - and ask people to vote on your top names. 
Relationship problems?  Hit up for a non-biased opinion.   It's almost like a digital version of old school support groups.
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