Poor family faces Christmas eviction after 13-year-old boy shoplifted shoes in Grand Junction

Apartment manager: Crime violates family's lease

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - A poor family in Grand Junction faces eviction after a 13-year-old boy stole a pair of shoes from a department store.

Tanya Abbey, a single mother, says she and her three children face spending Christmas in a homeless shelter after her teen son was caught shoplifting a pair of shoes because his shoes were worn out and his feet were cold.

"I don't know what I'm going to do," Abbey told KJCT-TV.

Her son, Oran, said he blames himself for the hard times his family faces.

"My shoes were getting worn out," the boy told the TV station. "It was getting cold and my feet were getting cold."

"I thought it would just affect me. I had no idea it would affect my mom, or my brother and sister," Oran said. "And I feel like if they should be kicking anyone out, it should be me."

The manager of Garden Village Apartments said the theft violated the family's lease.

"Any criminal activity on or near the premises is grounds for immediate eviction," the manager said in a statement.

Oran said, "I let my mom down, like I let everyone down.

A weeping Tanya Abbey hugged and kissed her son.

"It just makes me feel horrible," the mother said. "It makes me feel like I can't even give my kids a Christmas now. I have to pack up my stuff and store it, instead of putting up a tree."

With two weeks to move, Tanya Abbey is hoping to find room in a shelter.

"For the whole family to be punished for it, that's not cool, it's not right. It's heartless is what it is," the mother said.

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