Mother of missing 13-year-old Dylan Redwine points finger at her ex-husband

Teen was on court-ordered Thanksgiving with dad

DURANGO, Colo. - As the emotionally wrenching search for 13-year-old Dylan Redwine in southwest Colorado entered a second week Monday, the boy's mother began pointing fingers at her ex-husband.

Dylan disappeared during a court-ordered Thanksgiving holiday visitation with his father at the man's Vallecito home, northeast of Durango, authorities said.

Dylan's parents, Mark and Elaine Redwine, divorced in 2007. Last summer, Dylan, his mother and older brother moved to Colorado Springs -- about 300 miles away.

On Monday, Elaine Redwine told ABC News she fears that her ex-husband may have done something to "remove Dylan from the situation."

"I was married to Mark for a lot of years, and I know the way he reacts to things," the mother told ABC News. "If Dylan maybe did or said something that wasn't what Mark wanted to hear, I'm just afraid of how Mark would have reacted."

The mother also told ABC News she believes her ex-husband was upset that she was the court-mandated primary custodian of their son.

"I don't think Mark treats him very well," the mother said. "I would not put it past Mark to have done something to remove Dylan from the situation. You know, like 'if I can't have him, nobody will.'"

In a phone interview with 7NEWS, Mark Redwine responded to his ex-wife's remarks by saying she is making this "more than it needs to be."

The father added that he "needs to not lash out" at his ex-wife.

During the ABC News interview, the distraught mother made clear she's not sure what's happened to her youngest son -- but she fears the worst.

"I think somebody knows where he is. I don't know if somebody's hiding him or if somebody's already done something horrible to him," Elaine Redwine said.

"The panic is just, you know, Where is he? Is he hurt? Was he able to have turkey at Thanksgiving? You know, just, all the things you want for your children. And the panic sets in because I can't do anything," the mother added.

Dylan had been with his dad in Vallecito for just one day before he went missing on Monday, Nov. 19. Mark Redwine told La Plata County sheriff's officials that his son was in his home when he left to run some errands in town at 7:30 a.m. When he returned four hours later, the boy was gone.

The father reported his son missing that afternoon.

Elaine Redwine told ABC News she was having a difficult time getting in touch with her ex-husband about their son.

"He hasn't had any contact with us. (My older son) tried to get a hold of him by texting him, and he wouldn't respond," she said. "I just find it odd that at a time like this, he would be so evasive."

Dylan’s mother and older brother returned to the Durango area when he went missing. They insist Dylan wouldn't run away without contacting them. And if he did leave his father's home, he would have come to them.

"I don't mean to be a pessimist, because it's my son's life we're talking about, But Dylan would have called by now," Elaine Redwine said.

A joint team of La Plata County Sheriff’s Office investigators and FBI Agents continue to share information and resources as they develop leads on where Dylan might be.

Scenarios ranging from abduction to Dylan running away are being examined, said Sheriff's Office spokesman Dan Bender.

On Monday night, Bender said the investigation has not identified any suspects.

"We know some people are upset that we are even considering the possibility that Dylan may have run away," Bender said. "But we are working for Dylan and we owe it to him and to his family to consider every possible scenario that could have caused him to drop out of sight for a week. To disregard any potential circumstance could cause us to overlook a possible clue that will lead us to Dylan."

Dylan's friends in Bayfield told The Durango Herald that Dylan was supposed to meet them Sunday night, but he changed that to Monday morning. They told the newspaper they think Dylan hitchhiked to meet them and then was abducted.

Meanwhile, a two-day search of the bottom of Vallecito Lake's south side by dive teams and three boats using sonar equipment failed to find anything, Bender said.   

The search happened after cadaver dogs from the La Plata County Search and Rescue Team had alerted on unidentified scent sources on the south shore of the lake last weekend.

Hundreds of volunteers and law enforcement officers have been going door-to-door and scouring the rugged hills around the lake, while a helicopter searched from the sky, officials said.


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