Woman with 24 license suspensions on record gets charged with DUI

Ann Marie Cummings, 44, faces several charges

TROY, Mich. - A woman was accused of driving on a suspended license and crashing into a car while she was high on a substance, police in Michigan said.

Ann Marie Cummings, 44, was charged with operating while intoxicated second offense and driving while license suspended or revoked.

Police said the crash happened when Cummins rear-ended another car Sunday afternoon.

Cummins tried to leave the scene, but did not get far. She was spotted by the victim a short distance away, WXYZ reported.

“The officer pulled her over and subsequent to pulling the fault driver over, he found her status to being suspended multiple times,” said Lt. Andy Breidenich.  “She even made a statement that she knew she shouldn’t have been driving and that’s why she drove away.”

According to the arresting officer, Cummins was apparently high on some substance.

“It appears maybe she was under some kind of drug related stupor,” Lt. Breidenich said.

WXYZ checked Cummins’ driving record and discovered she has more than 20 offenses, but was still on the road.

Some of her past offenses include operating with any presence of drugs, operating while impaired, and fleeing the scene of a crash. All of these offenses happened in 2007.

Her record states Cummins has 24 license suspensions, WXYZ reported.

“It appears she has very little regard for the law itself. She continues to drive on a suspended license multiple violations,” said Lt. Breidenich said.

Cummins was taken into custody at the Oakland County Jail on $2,000 bail.

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