Tinder app lets you rate people nearby based strictly on looks, connects mutually interested people

There's a new app to help you find a good-looking date in your area.

Makers of the Tinder app describe it as a tool to find and connect people nearby who find each other attractive.

Users simply download the app, fill out some basic information about themselves, and then swipe through a stack of profile photos -- left for “nope,” right for “liked."

If two users “like” each other, they can proceed to have an online conversation.

"The whole Tinder experience is designed to be familiar and emulate the way we interact in real life -- digitally reproduced, enhanced, and made mobile," the Tinder app website reads.

The creators of the app say it's not as shallow as it seems.

"Tinder lets you dig deeper than the surface and connect with people based on common interests, and it's that digging deeper that enables us to build the foundations of meaningful relationships," the site said.

One user, who chose to remain anonymous, told 7NEWS she set up three dates within one week of downloading the app.

The app is currently only available for iPhones.

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