Remember 'Ship My Pants?' Kmart's at it again with new viral online commercial 'Big Gas Savings'

Kmart is at it again! They have released a new online ad that's going viral.

Remember, the "Ship My Pants" video? The new YouTube video making the rounds on Facebook and Twitter is about Big Gas Savings. Of course in the video it doesn't quite sound like Big Gas Savings. Like that ad, Kmart's new ad “Big Gas Savings” makes use of a language trick to make the innocent sound a bit salty, as it did with "Ship My Pants."

Twitter reaction is mostly favorable, using the hashtag #BigGasSavings.  Kmart is responding on Twitter with the message "Thanks for the big gas compliment!"

Some people find the video hilarious, but some people think it's going too far.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think!

YouTube video link:

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