Liberty High School disabled student in California asks Taylor Swift to graduation

Student requests Swift to walk him up stage

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Matthew Gaines has cerebral palsy. But that has not stopped him from graduating next week and it's not stopping him from making a very special request.

"I was talking to him about graduation and asked him what he would want more than anything and he said 'I'd love Taylor Swift to walk me down the aisle for graduation,’" said Matt's speech coach Linda Elieff.

"I'm her biggest fan. Because I like her. I like her music," said Gaines.

And he's making that known through this YouTube video his classmates produced for a class project.

"I had no idea how many (Taylor Swift) songs he knew word for word," said Elieff.

And people are singing their praises for his efforts. In two weeks the video has had nearly 850 views.

"It's pretty awesome. I didn't think we'd get that many views but now it's pretty popular," said Matt's classmate Christian Combs.

Matt is already popular at school, recently nominated for the school's Patriot award.

"It's a student who exhibits a lot of school spirit and tries to go beyond whatever their difficulties are. Matthew does that 100 percent of the time," said Elieff.

"I hope Taylor Swift comes out for him. This is all he wants and I think it would be good for him," said Combs.

Graduation is next week.

So Taylor Swift, if you hear this, Matt says please RSVP ASAP via YouTube.

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