Kiss cam cold shoulder: Girl dumps drink on guy who ignores her 3 times over

FRESCO, Calif. - The debate is on -- is the girl dumping her drink on her boyfriend after a kiss cam rejection real or fake?

The kiss cam is a tradition at sporting events. The camera pans to couples around an event, they kiss and people cheer.

At the Fresno Grizzlies game last week in California, when it came time for the kiss cam, most couples showed some kind of sign of affection, and the crowd cheered, however, it was different for one couple.

The viral YouTube video shows a man talking on a cell phone and the woman next to him tap him to show that the kiss cam was on them. He continues to talk on the phone and ignores her, even giving her a hand signal to wait.

The kiss cam moves on to other couples but comes back to this specific couple. Again, he ignores her.

Now the crowds boos.

When the kiss cam comes back to the couple for a third time, the ignored woman gets up, pours her drink on the man and walks away.

That got the crowd cheering.

Some questioned if the scene was real or fake because the girl is seen walking away with the baseball team's mascot.

Watch the video and weigh in:!


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