Jeff Gordon prank video: PepsiMax Chevrolet Camaro test drive YouTube video takes salesman for ride

Gordon latest in PepsiMax Youtube commercials

Did NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jeff Gordon pull off a big prank on a Chevrolet salesman?

A video showing the stunt has gone viral on the internet, but is it real?

The whole idea was to team the three-time Daytona 500 winner up with PepsiMax to fool a salesman into thinking that Gordon was an ordinary guy who wanted to take a look at a Chevrolet Camaro.

A makeup artist aged Gordon adding some wrinkles and a fake beard to give him a new identity.

To capture the salesman's reaction on video, Gordon wore spy glasses equipped with a camera and placed a Pepsi can with a hidden camera inside in the Camaro's cup holder.

Hidden cameras were then placed throughout the closed course to capture the reaction.

Not everyone is so convinced the video is real. claims the ad is totally fake and suggests that it wasn't even Jeff Gordon driving the car.

Nevertheless, the video below has millions of views. What do you think? (Note to mobile and tablet users: click on this link to view the video:


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