Internet not impressed with Chipotle's Twitter 'hack' stunt

DENVER - Chipotle Mexican Grill's plan to gain interest in its Twitter feed at @ChipotleTweets may have backfired.

On Sunday, the Denver company's Twitter account appeared to have been hacked when nonsensical tweets started coming from it.

More than 4,000 Twitter followers signed up to follow Chipotle as a result but now the company has come forward to admit it faked having its account hacked as part of a publicity stunt for a new promotional campaign.

The Twitterverse was not amused when it learned the news.

"We thought that people would pay attention, that it would cut through people's attention and make them talk, and it did that," Chris Arnold, a Chipotle representative, told Mashable in an interview. "It was definitely thought out: We didn't want it to be harmful or hateful or controversial."

Arnold said the tweets were fragments about ingredients, which were intended to tie into Sunday's puzzle about the ingredients Chipotle uses to make guacamole.

Mashable story:

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