Homeless Oklahoma man lets people scream at him for 50 cents per minute

OKLAHOMA CITY - When you've had a rough day, sometimes all you want to do is vent to someone.

And a man in Oklahoma is willing to let you do it -- for a small fee.

Calvin McCraw invites passers-by to release some tension by screaming at him. And it will only cost you 50 cents per minute, according to Oklahoma TV station KFOR.

The panhandler holds a sign that reads: "Angry?! Frustrated? Scream at a bum."

McCraw says he hears all sorts of complaints from the people who pay him.

One woman went so far as to take a picture of herself choking McCraw, KFOR reported.
But McCraw says he's happy to offer something positive in exchange for people's contributions.

"I get a lot of people that laugh," he told KLTV in Oklahoma City. "I worry about the ones that don't laugh."

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