Detroit reporter accused of biting security guard, urinating in public, insulting officers at parade

Security guard was attempting to break up brawl

DETROIT - A Detroit reporter has been accused of publicly urinating and biting a security guard, among other offenses, at a St. Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday.

A police report says that Fox reporter Charlie LeDuff allegedly bit a security guard, urinated in public, insulted female officers and got into a fight at the parade, according to ABC affiliate WXYZ in Detroit.

The police report indicates that LeDuff’s disruptive behavior began as the parade was ending, according to WXYZ.

LeDuff admitted that he and his brother fought at a private party Sunday afternoon, WXYZ reports.

The day after the parade, LeDuff was not sure where the disturbance happened, but he thought he was behind a nearby tent used for a party.

“No, I think I was behind the tent, possibly, I don’t know,” says LeDuff in a quote provided by the station. “I’ll have to see a picture. I don’t think so, no reason to get your head stomped.”

LeDuff did not know whether he had urinated in public, and said that he “probably” had too much to drink, according to the station.

Lawyer Linda Bernard spoke on behalf of the security guard who says LeDuff bit him.

“It was a vicious assault, totally unprovoked by anyone,” Bernard told the station.

Witnesses, including the security guard, said LeDuff was urinating on the street, the station reports.

“He was actually urinating out in public, on the curb,”  Bernard told WXYZ.  “I mean, he saw him and people were taking pictures, and so forth, and people who were in this private event in the tent said, ‘Well, go get him, help him out.’”

Witnesses say when they brought LeDuff into the tent, LeDuff began insulting female Detroit police officers.

“Three women walk by, who actually are Detroit police officers, and very attractive women, and he calls them out, calls them various words that are very unsavory,” Bernard said.

According to WXYZ, witnesses said LeDuff began fighting with the party host when the host attempted to stop LeDuff from insulting the officers.

Bernard says LeDuff spit in the host’s face, according to the station. At that point, the security guard tried to separate the men, and LeDuff bit him.

After he allegedly agreed to stop fighting, LeDuff attempted to fight with the host again, and the reporter’s brother Frank LeDuff joined the fight, the station reports.

LeDuff says he does not remember the entire situation, but says he holds “no hard feeling,” according to the station.

The security guard whom LeDuff allegedly bit filed a complaint with police, and the victim’s lawyer says the reporter’s actions may have been criminal, according to WXYZ.

Detroit police did not offer a comment, but they are currently investigating the complaint, the station reports.

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