Denver dog owner turns to Facebook to help find lost Pomeranian Rocco

Pet Amber Alert canceled

DENVER - A dog owner in Denver took the search for his missing Pomeranian to Facebook.

The owner, Jason Wicker, created the "Find Rocco" page, and posted this message:

"Rocco went missing near 17th and Newton (Sloans Lake Area) on Saturday the 5th of January. He isn't wearing a collar (he is slow, elderly and has a collapsing trachea), but he IS chipped. He limps on his left front paw and has arthritis. "

The page includes a gallery of photos of the missing dog, and a printable flyer offering a $500 reward for any information leading to Rocco's return.

Wicker even posted a Pet Amber Alert.

Late Monday, Wicker owner posted that Rocco was back home safe.

"A woman found him wondering (sic) a few blocks from my house and brought him home. The woman's dad REALLY loved him and intended to keep him."

Wicker said because Rocco has a limp, the family thought he might have been hit by a car and took him to the vet.  That's when they found the microchip.

"I am SO happy he is home," the owner posted. "Although this time it was because he has a pimp-limp and chip on his shoulder, you guys all came through with the social-media thang and more eyes were on this than I could have ever achieved on my own."

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