Customers settle bills forgotten in Boston Marathon blasts

BOSTON - A man from Denver was the first person to call a restaurant in Boston to pay the bill he left when two bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon.

Amid the chaos and fear after the explosion, many restaurant customers fled without settling their tabs.

Rattlesnake Bar and Grill owner Tony Castagnozzi understands the gravity of the situation, but he figures the unpaid bills totaled about $3,000. Since the April 15 blasts, he says about a dozen customers have made good on their bills, helping him recoup about $1,200.

The first call came from a man from Denver who had a $91 tab and called to give his credit card over the phone.

That was followed by calls from Florida, Virginia and across New England.

Castagnozzi tells the Boston Herald "there are so many good people out there."

David Christmas, of Acton, says he paid his $35 tab and added a $15 tip because "it's the right thing to do."

Other restaurants reports similar experiences.

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