Connecticut zoo staff doesn't know how mother anteater conceived new baby

GREENWICH, Conn. - A baby anteater born at a Connecticut has left the staff wondering how the mother conceived the baby.

Officials at the LEO Zoological Conservation Center tell the Greenwich Time they had removed the only male anteater from the enclosure in August, long before the six-month gestation period for baby Archie would have begun.

They feared that male, Alf, would kill another baby in the pen.

That left the mother Armani, and a young female, Alice, in the enclosure.

But little Archie was born in April anyway.

Marcella Leone, founder and director of the conservation center, suspects this might be a rare case of delayed implantation, when fertilized eggs remain dormant in the uterus for a period of time. This phenomenon is known to occur in sloths and armadillos on rare occasions, and those animals belong to the same group of mammals as anteaters, according to the newspaper.

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