Boy with Lego train fascination gets dream come true in mail

BOYLSTON, Mass. - A fifth-grader from Massachusetts with Asperger’s syndrome has a special fascination with Legos.

James Groccia, 11, had been saving for two years to buy the Emerald Night Train made by Lego, but then found out the company quit making the train.

His hopes and dreams dashed, Groccia wrote a heartfelt letter to Lego toys -- sending it to both the U.S.  and Denmark headquarters -- asking if there was any way he could still get the special train.  Two weeks later, he got an answer:  the only way to get the set was to buy it online from a private seller.  The prices his mom found were three times the original selling price of $100.

Then, out of the blue, months later, James got a surprise in the mail:  the company sent him the train set of his dreams at no charge.

A month ago, James and his parents put a video on YouTube about his experience and called it, "Why LEGO is the BEST company in the world."  So far, it has been viewed more than 1.3 million times.

"This is big for him," his father told ABC's Good Morning America. "For a week after, when he'd tell the story, he'd start crying. It's finally getting a little more matter-of-fact now."

The YouTube video

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