A Florida island goes up for sale in an online auction later this month

HOMOSASSA, Fla. - HOMOSASSA, Fla. - "The views are just unbelievable. That's what you can't get over," said Michael Johns, caretaker of Sunset Island.

Two decades ago, the little island was a happening place.  Boaters came to the Crow's Nest to unwind. There are still signs that it hasn't been that long ago.

"It was really just a busy good place to eat, a good view," Johns told WFTS-TV in Tampa, Fla.

Johns oversees the 4,000-square-foot building and surrounding grounds. The island lies at the mouth of the Homosassa River where it meets the Gulf of Mexico.

"The property is one of only two places in Citrus County this far west, this far out towards the gulf," Johns said.

The one-acre private island is now up for sale in an online auction later this month.  You'll need $90,000 just to start bidding.  The current owner is simply ready to let it go. 

"It's a good, sound building.  it's just a wonderful piece of property.  You just don't find them very often," Johns explained.

There's working electric and a septic system on the island. The winning bid also receives 69 acres of submerged and marsh land that are part of the property.  One local real estate broker confirmed they have a client interested in restoring the island as a restaurant.

A small slice of paradise can be yours, and with it comes a chance to bring some life back into an island known for happiness.

"It has a little sentimental value from my younger days coming out here when it was a restaurant and being able to run the river when I was a kid.  But everything has a sweet goodbye, too.  We'd like to see some other people enjoy the property," said Johns.

Sunset Island, at the mouth of the Homosassa River at the Gulf of Mexico, will be sold in an online auction to be held July 22-25, 2013.

To find out more information and how to bid, visit http://www.fisherauction.com/upcoming-auctions/all-auctions/auction-detail/?id=203878

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