33 students from California high school suspended over 'twerking' video

SAN DIEGO - A video posted online has caused students at Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego to be banned from going to prom, walking at graduation or participating in end of the year sporting events. 

The video, which shows the teens "twerking," was shot during school, on the property and with school equipment.

Twerking is a dance move that involves a person shaking their hips and bottom in a bouncing up and down motion.

When teachers saw the video on YouTube, they suspended all 33 students involved, including three stars on the undefeated track team, according to 10News.com.

"One of our best hurdlers, one of our best sprinters, and one of our best high jumpers are not allowed to run at our most important meet tomorrow because they're suspended for this video," said student Emily Benzie.

Benzie, a junior, was not in the video. She says without some of the girls who were, her undefeated season may suffer.

"They're good students," she said. "They never get in trouble. The first time they get yelled at is for twerking in a video."

Benzie's mother Chris said, "Overall, it's pop culture."

She told 10News the moves in the students' video remind her of the moves in the movie "Dirty Dancing" and the school administration like the prudish, overbearing father.

"They've waited four years to go to prom, to walk at graduation and now because of a fun video, it's being taken away from them," said Benzie.

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