2 rare $500 king baboon tarantulas swiped from Virginia pet shop

Police: Kids sold spiders for $25

RICHMOND, Va. - Spiders might not seem like something a crook would want to steal. But a Virginia pet shop owner knows that's not necessarily the case.

Aaron Reinhard had two rare king baboon tarantulas taken from his Beasts and Bugs shop in a Richmond, Virginia, suburb.

Reinhard did some online investigating and learned the tarantulas had been recently sold for $75.

He let county detectives know and soon the case of the missing spiders was closed.

Authorities busted 20-year-old Deion T. Dickens on grand larceny and other charges.

Reinhard tells the Richmond Times-Dispatch the "kid was stupid."

Reinhard adds the baboon tarantulas could easily have been sold for $500.

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