14-year-old Rachel Baier to signed a contract with her father to stay off of Facebook for $200

The contract expires on the last day of school

How much cash would you deal out to have your son or daughter off of Facebook?

How does $200 sound?

Paul Baier made an agreement with his 14-year-old daughter Rachel Baier, that if she stayed off Facebook, then she would have $200 in her pocket.

Paul made a contract with his teenage daughter that he signed along with his daughter, but with a few stipulations.

If Rachel can stay of Facebook until mid-April, then she will get $50. If she stays off the site until June 26, then she will be $150 richer.

Surprisingly, the idea for the Facebook "fast" came from Rachel after she said, "Facebook can be distracting," according to Yahoo! News.

The contract would expire on the last day of school.

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