WATCH: Michigan judge erupts on woman convicted in killing; says 'I hope you die in prison'

JACKSON, Mich. - If a judge could throw the book at a convicted killer, Michigan Judge John McBain managed to do so on Wednesday.

Not physically, but certainly by his stinging words. He had a lot of words for 31-year-old Camia Gamet, the woman convicted of killing her boyfriend Marcel Hill in March. Gamet claimed it was self defense and showed no remorse.

A first-degree murder conviction by law meant she would get life behind bars.

Still, while family members spoke she would only roll her eyes and laugh, but McBain, who serves in the Jackson County Circuit Court, would have none of it.

"You're gonna shut your mouth or I'm going to have some duct tape put on it," said McBain.

A jury convicted Gamet for stabbing and beating to death Hill. Her lawyer argued she acted in self defense, because she claimed she killed an unknown attacker in a dark room. The judge wasn't buying that and called it the worst cold-blooded murder he's ever seen.

The prosecutor argued Gamet's actions were premeditated and deliberate. She stabbed Hill 11 times and had a history of violence against him.

Hill told police in March of 2013 she hit him in the head with a hammer.

Family members say justice was served and they hope a  lesson was learned about how abuse can come in all forms no matter the gender.

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