How to tell if a viral video is real or fake

Crazy Russian car accidents, gravity defying vertical jumps and other amazing feats show up on YouTube each day. Technology is so good that it's anyone's guess if they're real.  

We love watching video, but hate it when we have the wool pulled over our eyes. This viral video about an eagle stealing a baby did just that. After 2 million views and 11,000 comments, four students in 3-D animation admitted it was a hoax.  
They put 400 hours creating the effect. But what's the dead giveaway? 

Feeling like a viral video forensic specialist yet? This one will really put your eye to the test. This guy is showing off his brand new sports bike, when all of a sudden. Holy cow... or is it hanky panky?   

Breaking down the best in viral video treachery on the break down.
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