Vandals ransack Aurora church on Easter Eve

Easter services nearly canceled

AURORA, Colo. - Sometimes the most important lessons come when we're least ready, and at St. Martin in the Fields Episcopal Church, what better day for a lesson in forgiveness than Easter.

"If the devil's pushing this hard we must be doing something right," said Father Jim Gilchrist.

Sunday's Easter Service wasn't supposed to be outside, in fact, it wasn't going to happen at all.

"I was really in a state of shock, not angry, just shocked as to what do we do," Father Gilchrist said.

On Saturday night the Aurora church off Buckley Road was ransacked.  Father Gilchrist said someone smashed the windows, tossed equipment around and stole the communion wine and some cash.

"I'm sure their heads are hurting a little this morning," Gilchrist said.

The church was so destroyed, Father Gilchrist sent out an email canceling the Sunday morning Easter Service.  Sometimes, however, the universe has a way of stepping in.

"We're not going to let anyone stop us, we're going to keep going," said one parishioner.

By mid-morning the congregation came together on the lawn where they held their Easter Service.  It was clear, it wasn't about where they were, rather what they were celebrating and all the lessons that come along with it.

"You have made this Easter morning more memorable through your own anger and frustration than you can ever imagine," Gilchrist said.

The vandals have not been caught.

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