Unique do-it-yourself gifts for the man who has everything

Men tough to buy for, according to top searches

Men appear to be the toughest to buy for, according to internet searches. This week, the top gift search on Yahoo! is “gifts for men" — with 71 percent of those searches coming from women.

Other popular search terms include "gifts for men who have everything," "stocking stuffers for men" and "unique gifts for men." Searches for "gifts for teenage boys" are also spiking 412 percent this week, according to Yahoo!.

Does the man in your life already have more socks than he can handle, every electronic gadget on the market and more tools than he knows what to do with? For those who want to make sure their guy gets something truly unique (and maybe pinch a few pennies in the process), try making a present yourself.

Bow tie: All that's needed to create a dapper going-out neckwear alternative is a piece of thick fabric, needle, thread, elastic and very basic sewing know-how. Get tied up in seven easy steps.

Chocolate-covered bacon: The succulent food craze that will likely never go away due its maximum deliciousness, bacon meets its match when paired with creamy dark chocolate.
Tie a bow around this bacon, and he will thank you later.

Salted caramel: Taking the sweet and savory tack a step further, nothing makes a bunch of melted butter and sugar taste better than a sprinkling of salt. Sounds weird, see for yourself in under two hours (makes enough for wrapping and tasting).

Beer soap: Homemade soaps have been all the rage lately. No “lye," it's hard to get some men excited about soap. Add his favorite beer, however, and it may be a different story. Gloves are necessary for this one.

T-shirt quilt: Looking for a way to make extra room in the closet? A task tackled only by the brave without permission, a T-shirt quilt can be an excellent way to showcase those old rock tees that may have fond memories, but no longer fit. Transform hard-rocking memories into snuggly dreams.

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